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What is Wraparound?

The Wraparound process is an innovative approach that mobilizes the community to help children, youth and families with complex problems find solutions that will improve the quality of their lives.


Oolagen’s Wraparound Toronto is one of the original 7 communities that brought team-based Wraparound programs to Ontario fifteen years ago. Oolagen’s Wraparound Toronto is one of the founding members of the Wraparound Association of Ontario and a current seated member of the Wraparound Canada Board of Directors.

The Oolagen Approach

Oolagen is presently involved in three Wraparound initiatives:

1. Child Welfare and Youth Justice Diversion
2. Keeping Families Together

These two initiatives aim to prevent out-of-home placement for youth in families experiencing conflict. They also aim to help children returning from care to re-integrate into their families and community. Oolagen collaborates with child welfare agencies (who refer all youth to our program) and other children’s mental health centres.

3. Homeless Young Families

Funded by the City of Toronto, this project helps high-risk young parents (25 years and under) and their children transition from shelters or inappropriate accommodation to stable housing. Using the Wraparound model, housing needs are addressed as well as other areas that can negatively impact securing stable housing (such as addictions, violence in the family, medical concerns to name a few).

Pre and Post Data for Wraparound 2012-2014

Evaluation research findings show that, as a result of services provided by Oolagen workers, clients reported improvements in the housing, emotional, financial, family, social, legal, medical, school/job, cultural and behavioural areas.

Wraparound Chart


Oolagen’s Wraparound Toronto is the primary Wraparound trainer for the GTA, offering:

  • Certified Wraparound Facilitator Training (4 day intensive 12 module training)
  • Coaching for New Wraparound Facilitators and Supervisors
  • Best Practices in Community Mobilization and Development
  • Training and Technical Assistance for organizations and community members

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Wraparound Process with Young Homeless Parents

Shehenaz Manji, Social Worker and Principal Investigator, Young Parents No Fixed Address, Toronto Public Health, Toronto, Ontario; Julie Maher, Coordinator, Young Parents No Fixed Address, Oolagen Community Services, Catherine Blocki-Radeke, Supervisor, Oolagen Community Services, Toronto, Ontario, Published in The Newsletter of Infant Mental Health Promotion –IMPrint, Volume 49, Fall 2007

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An Investigation into Youth’s Perceptions of their Experience of “Wraparound”

Amy Rossiter, Catherine Blocki-Radeke (Oolagen), Andrea Daley (Oolagen) Marilyn Eisenstat

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