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Growing up with parents with mental health difficulties

Ruth Pluznick and Natasha Kis-Sines, published in the The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, 2008 No. 4 www.dulwichcentre.com.au

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Wraparound Process with Young Homeless Parents

Shehenaz Manji, Social Worker and Principal Investigator, Young Parents No Fixed Address, Toronto Public Health, Toronto, Ontario; Julie Maher, Coordinator, Young Parents No Fixed Address, Oolagen Community Services, Catherine Blocki-Radeke, Supervisor, Oolagen Community Services, Toronto, Ontario, Published in The Newsletter of Infant Mental Health Promotion –IMPrint, Volume 49, Fall 2007

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An Investigation into Youth’s Perceptions of their Experience of “Wraparound”

Amy Rossiter, Catherine Blocki-Radeke (Oolagen), Andrea Daley (Oolagen) Marilyn Eisenstat

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Profile A.J. – An open letter to At-Risk Youth

His father left before he was born. His mother had challenges that rendered her unable to take care of him…For the rest of his youth and most of his adolescence, he was in and out of foster homes. Then A.J. came to Oolagen…..

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Students at William Lyon MacKenzie Collegiate Institute win a $5,000 grant for Oolagen

Student teams select a social service sector charity, thoroughly research it and complete a site visit. Then they prepare a proposal and request for funding…

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