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Intensive Child and Family Services

Oolagen’s Intensive Child and Family Program is designed for children, youth and families with multiple, complex needs and limited success with traditional resources. We also serve youth and families who require short-term but intensive counselling. Our programs offer individual or family counselling, home visits and crisis intervention for existing clients.

The primary objective of Intensive Services is to strengthen a youth’s ability to function effectively at home, in school and in the community.

Eligibility for Intensive Service is based on:

  • History or risk of repeated hospitalization, homelessness, family breakdown or placement outside the home
  • History of limited success with traditional resources or services
  • Needs of the child and family are complex and include health, safety or housing issues
  • Family is or has been involved with two or more community service sectors
  • Client has a history of avoiding school


Pre and Post Outcome Data for Intensive Services 2011-2012

Evaluation research findings show that, as a result of services provided by Oolagen workers, youth functioning improved in the school/work, home, behaviour towards others, moods, self-harm, substance use and thinking areas.

Intensive Services