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    about us

Who We Are

Each year, Oolagen’s counselling and outreach programs reach 4,000 children and their families

We are an accredited, not-for-profit children’s mental health agency and University of Toronto teaching facility.

Since our founding in 1967, Oolagen’s innovative approaches have helped over 60,000 Toronto youth overcome the devastating effects of emotional, social and psychological difficulties.

Our long term partners include the Toronto District School Board, the Children’s Aid and Catholic Children’s Aid Societies, Jewish Child and Family Services and Native Child and Family Services.

Oolagen’s ground-breaking techniques have a proven track record of helping even the most troubled kids blossom into mentally and socially healthy, productive members of society.

Help phone lines, hospitals, doctors, teachers, friends and the criminal justice system refer potential clients to Oolagen.

Our Mission

To listen, engage, assist and empower young people and families to recognize their strengths, expand their capabilities, enhancing their wellbeing and mental health.

Our Vision

The hopes and aspirations of Oolagen Youth Mental Health are based on our vision for:

  • Healthy relationships between young people and their families that recognize and build upon strengths
  • A community that works in partnership to enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of its citizens—particularly its youth.
  • A comprehensive, flexible service system that effectively responds to the challenging and diverse needs of youth and their families

Our Values

  •  All Oolagen programs comprise unique features, yet share our common values:
  • We believe that all youth and families—no matter how difficult their circumstances—have skills and knowledge. We work with them to identify and build on these skills and knowledge to create positive change.
  • We recognize the power of connection and that people need to belong—to families and communities. Our practices are aimed at strengthening natural helping systems. We recognize that many of the problems youth and families experience are related to broader social issues such as poverty, racism, unemployment and inadequate housing. We address these issues in our work.
  • We recognize that every individual possesses a rich cultural and family history. Oolagen programs honour diverse traditions and points of view.